KARNASCH Milling - precision sets standards

In the automotive industry, airplane construction, dental processing or tool and mould construction: even quality is decisive. Only high-quality high-precision tools warrant best results and process safety.

Mills by Karnasch have been symbolic for these high quality standards for many years. Karnasch's precision sets standards around the world. There is the matching mill for every material, with specifically designed blade geometry and coating. From full-carbide-thread milling cutter with a spiral for inner threads to diamond-coated micro-end mills to ball-nose end mills or full-carbide-roughing end mills – the range is widely spread. All mills are characterised by having very narrow production tolerances, high service lives and being producible on short notice.

On this page, we introduce the different mills to you in detail. If you have any individual wishes, Karnasch is your first point of contact as well. Simply contact us if you need a special production.