The future of machining by GFK and CFK / Al > 30% Si / magnesium.

KARNASCH Composite Tools.

Karnasch Professional Tools Composite tools were specifically developed for the processing of CFK/GFK, acrylic, titanium and Honey Comb materials. The latest developments include CVD-mill (Chemical Vapour Deposition), which hasrevolutionised the processing of materials in the aviation, aerospace and automotive industries. These tools are made extremely sharp due totheir laser-cut blades and cut the fibre. This increases the service life by up to 300% and avoids delamination as well as generatesvery smooth surfaces. Special geometries also permit drilling without breakouts in GFK/CFK easily with Karnasch Professional Tools.

Composites Materials
CFK/GFK- milling
Honey Comb-processing
Gloss processing
High-gloss finish
CFK/GFK- Drilling and milling
CFK/GFK burr-free
Thread milling cutter for CFK/GFK
Aramid drilling and mill
The full range is completed by:
  • Karnasch MKD-mill for gloss processing of copper, aluminium, titanium, acrylic, PMMA
  • Mill with high-quality multilayer diamond coating for burr-free processing of CFK/GFK as well as for smoothing and roughing
  • Diamond-coated thread milling cutter for the Composite-processing
  • PKD-mill
  • No delamination
  • High surface quality
  • Special geometries to avoid Vibrations at large working depths
  • Highest service lives
  • No breakouts