DENTAL TECHNOLOGY TOOLS of tomorrow, available today.

KARNASCH Dental Tools.

The Development in dental technology is one of the most dynamic development areas ever. It is progressing increasingly rapidly. Karnasch Professional Tools has set a clear target for itself with the new dental-tool programme and the target of making the "DENTAL TECHNOLOGY TOOLS of tomorrow available today" and reached it.

The Karnasch dental tool range is aligned with the processing of chrome-cobalt, zircon, PMMA, titanium and E-Max. Specificallyinthe processing of E-Max, Karnasch is a pioneer and the only provider who offers suitable mills for full-cut milling in E-Max processing. At time savings of up to 80% as compared to conventional processing and smallest production tolerances for best surface qualities, these high-performance tools are, indeed, ahead of their time. Service lives in processing of zircon, chrome-cobalt, titanium and PMMA can also be multiplied by smallest production tolerances and the latest high-performance coatings.

Milling and drilling of chrome-cobalt
Milling and drilling of zircon
Milling and drilling of E-Max
Milling and drilling of titanium
Milling and drilling of PMMA
Milling and drilling of wax
Dental Werkzeuge

Dental crowns and bridges milled in the blank

Dental Werkzeuge

E-MAX blank

Dental Werkzeuge

Crowns and bridges milled in the blank (Material: zirconium / full cast / PM)