KARNASCH Countersinks

Karnasch Professional Tools countersinks are available in HSS-XE steel, ASP powder steel, solid-carbide and carbide-tipped. Dimensions from 4.3 mm up to 80 mm. The patented Blue-Tec coating gives an extreme hardness and heat protection which results to an excellent service life. CBN deep-ground flutes permits almost burr free and chatter free sinking. Because of the wide range of countersinks almost all sorts of steel can be processed such as rust- and acid-resistant steels, stainless steels, titanium and titanium alloys, as well as light metals and other steel types.

The geometry has been optimized specifically for automatic and quick feed, which enabled up to 30% faster performance and up to 40% longer service.

  • HSS-XE / ASP-powder steel / solid-carbide- and carbide-tipped countersinks available in diameter range 4.3 - 80 mm
  • CBN special grind:
    • for smooth and low-heat cut
    • much higher sharpness for a significantly improved cutting performance, excellent tool life
    • almost burr free and chatter free cutting
  • RAPID-CUT is specially developed for automatic and quick feed.
    Optimized cutting geometry + 3 flat sections of the shank leads to:
    • up to 30% faster sinking than conventional countersinks
    • up to 40% higher service life
  • Patented Blue-Tec-coating available
  • For Abrasive and hard steel with a strength of over 1000 N/mm², Grey cast-iron over 240HB and High-alloyed chromium steel such as stainless (V2A / V4A), Acid resistant steel as well as Titanium and titanium alloys and all further steel sorts, cast iron, non ferrous material
  • Shanks:
    • Weldon shank 19 mm (3/4")
    • Morse taper
    • Cylindrical shank
    • 3 flat shank:
      • excellent torque transmission
      • no slippage in the drill chuck
      • this results to superior cutting output