Unique precision and performance in graphite processing.

KARNASCH Graphite Tools.

Highest precision even in a difficult environment can be achieved easily by Karnasch graphite tools made of a carbide aligned with graphite processing that is designed for our nano crystalline diamond coating and itsspecial tool geometries. Karnasch graphite tools are thus produced in very narrow production tolerances (diameter tolerance + 0 / - 0.01mm / concentricity max. 0.003 mm / radius contour + / - 0.003 mm) and achieve an impressive performance in their accuracy and service life. The graphite-range comprises corner ball end mills, full-ball end mills, roughing end mills as well as drills, thread milling cutters and deburrs and thus offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of diamond-coated tools for graphite processing.

Milling of graphite
Milling of electrodes
Thread-cutting in graphite
Ball and corner ball end mills