The mill series for rust-free materials.

KARNASCH Goldwin Tools.

Rust-free materials are difficult to process. Their resilience leads to high wear of tools causing repeated delays of production. Our new Goldwin mill range remedies this and increases process safety.

This is ensured, among others, by the very smooth surface of the mill that is achieved by the newly developed high-performance coating Tcx³ and the 3-chamfer polish that gives the tools an outstanding edge stability. A convincing result is also ensured by the uneven structure that ensures very smooth running. A wide range of Goldwin mills is available with diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm and different corner radii.

Milling of rust-free steel
Milling of Inox
Milling of chrome nickel alloys
Milling of nickel alloys
Goldwin Werkzeuge