50 years KARNASCH – The name may change, the quality remains.

Founded on 9 January 1960, Dietrich Karnasch Sägen- und Schneidwerkzeuge GmbH was well established on the market from the very beginning. Our product offer has always been growing as well. From the original sawing and cutting tools, we have long expanded to offer the metal-processing industry a large range of professional machining tools.

Therefore, renaming our company is merely a logical consequence of the last years and decades. As Karnasch Professional Tools, the company reflects its wide product range in its name and matches its international business relationships better. The new name coincides with a change of management, which is taken over by Hubert Karnasch and Michael Karnasch. In addition to them, Olivier Karnasch bears the responsibility for the company as authorised signatory.

Even though some things have changed for us: Quality and service, business processes and contacts are, of course, retained. Our customers can continue to rely on high quality and high performance of Karnasch Professional Tools.