KARNASCH Composites tools
KARNASCH Composites tools – New perspectives in the processing of composites – by laser-cut CVD-plates.

High hardness and hard blades mean longservice lives; this alone is a good argument for CVD-synthesis, a method that we have been using for years to produce tools that convince with their high performance capacity and long service lives, as well as and particularly their geometric flexibility.

We have gone one step further in 2011: Our new tools with laser-treated CVD-plates can machine even coal and fibre-glass materials without burrs and offer all-new options for the processing of composites.

Additionally, we continue to sell our established MCD and ND tools for processing of acrylic, gold, copper and brass. If you want to learn more about our product highlights and the entire tool offer of KARNASCH composites, just click through our catalogue.