Karnasch Professional Tools introduces the new -CNC Tools Division - main catalogue GK27.

For the first time Karnasch Professional Tools presents nearly all articles of the product range “Karnasch CNC Tools Division” in one catalogue GK27. Thus the already substantial product range of CNC-tools had been extended by new products and further dimensions. Please note that Karnasch Professional Tools offers a non comparable selection of CNC high performance tools for each application.

The new catalogue GK27 is valid from 01. August 2014. In this connection we grant you fixed prices for a time period of 12 months (till 31.07.2015 included) without additional costs for alloys or any surcharge.

Please order now – with article number 2003 - your first catalogue GK27 free of charge. For each further catalogue we charge you a protection fee of 5,00 EUR per piece.

Art. 30.6202 – 30.6203 – 30.6204

Our Microtool-program for machining aluminium and cooper has been extended by the end mills 30.6202, 30.6203 and 30.6204.

These end mills have the new NHC-7000 coating. According to the extremely hard (7000 HV) and very thin coating (< 1 µ) the wear protection and toollife had been increased considerably. According to the extremely thin coating the sharpness of the cutting edge remains. That leads to an optimal finish of the machined surface.


Art. 30.6222 – 30.6223 – 30.6224

Especially for the machining of aluminium and copper Karnasch Professional Tools developed 3 new powerful solid carbide end mills (30.6222-30.6223-30.6224).

For machining non ferrous metals as well as plastics we recommend article 30.6222 with a special roughing geometry. The article 30.6223 is a high performance end mill, the article 30.6224 is a balanced superfinishing end mill with 6 cutting edges for professional applications. These end mills are coated with the new NHC-7000 coating. It results to an extremely hard (7000 HV) and wear resistant surface for highest toollife. In addition best surface properties will be achieved by the thin coating (< 1 µ).


Art. 30.6271 – Art. 30.6274

When carbide is machining carbide.

Karnasch Professional Tools introduces the new diamond coated solid carbide end mill for machining carbide materials.

This new generation of end mills is a big step forward within the professional machining of carbide materials. The advantage for the customer is that the expensive process of erosion and grinding will no longer be necessary.

Thanks to combination of an especially developed geometry and the new appropriate diamond coating it is possible to enhance the productivity and efficiency. During the conventional processes of sinking and grinding the production costs are pushing up due to long processing times. 3D geometries will be sinked with high machining time. Further an expensive electrode will be needed for this process. The new Karnasch solid carbide end mills are reducing the manufacturing time considerably because there is taking place a much higher ablation rate. Further the properties of the surface are much better in case of no thermal influence.

In last time the machining of materials over 72 HRC had reached their limits. Now it is possible to mill 3 D moulds and contours of solid carbide till over 2000 HV. The new generation of Karnasch tools is solving this problem by highest cutting edge stability and a hardness up to 10.000 HV.

The new solid carbide end mills from Karnasch for machining carbide are available as ball nose end mills and torus end mills. The ball nose end mills can be ordered in diameters from 0,2 till 6,0 mm. The torus end mills are available in diameters from 0,3 till 2,0 mm.


Art. 30.6267

Highest toollife with an optimal machined surface. That promises the new 4-cutting solid carbide end mill with corner radius. Professional results will be achieved according to closest production tolerances, defined preparation of the cutting edges as well as the availability of conical cutting edges.

Based on the conical cutting edge there is a much smaller contact to the wall compared to a cylindrical cutter. Therefore vibrations will be avoided and a smooth cutting will be achieved. That leads to a better quality of the surface.

We use a special carbide as well as our proved HXC-Nano³ coating to increase the performance and the toollife.


Art. 23.1760 – 23.1764 – 23.1768

These tools are setting a new shape in the area of cutting tools. Karnasch whirling thread cutters in 3 different kinds are suitable for machining all materials professionally from M1 till M3.

We offer 3 different tools for machining all materials professionally.

  • special solid carbide whirling thread cutters with NHC-7000 coating for non-ferrous metals and plastics
  • nano-spin coated whirling thread cutters for steel, hardened steel and stainless steel
  • DCC-G diamond coated whirling thread cutters for graphit and CFRP/GFRP materials
    • According to the unique logarithmic-relief-grinding a considerable toollife increase will be achieved compared to conventional grinded whirling thread cutters. In addition a formation of burrs will be avoided.


Art. 29.0200 – 29.0210 – 29.0250 – 29.0260

The new Karnasch stack drills has been developed in order to handle difficult material combinations e.g. CFRP/GFRP-Titan/Titan-CFRP/GFRP or CFRP/GFRP-aluminium/aluminium-CFRP/GFRP and can be applied in the area of aviation for reliable procedures.

Therefore we paid our attention to the point of burr free drilling, hole surfaces and to avoid delimination. The drilling tools are made in a special solid carbide material and show different geometries which match to the appropriate material-stacks. The drilling tools are designed to be used with minimum quantity of lubrication.

The Karnasch solid carbide stack drills (article number 29.0200-29.0210) can be used in CNC machines and – with special geometries -in robots (article number 29.0250-29.0260).