SILVER-MAG Magnetic hole cutting machines

The magnetic hole cutting machine series SILVER-MAG stands for efficiency, functionality and performance in daily use and for best drilling in metal. As a highlight, it offers an extremely expandable stroke of up to 210 mm for the magnetic hole cutting machine thanks to the twin rail slide system and a very low weight. It is suitable for universal use for core drilling up to 35 mm, twist drilling up to 18 mm and countersinking up to 30 mm.

Core drilling up to 12-35 mm
Spiral drilling up to 3-18 mm
Countersinking up to 10-30 mm
Konsequent "Nur das beste":
BLACKDUR hardened sliding rail. This results to more than 5 times longer lifetime than conventional dovetail slides.

Two-way sliding rails, which make the motor height be adjustable according to the different requirement. Stroke up to 210 mm. Rail position function, which can make the motor stop at any position to prevent selfrig decline and damage cutter.

Design of internal self-lubricating function ensures extended life of the gear.
Tilt protection design for motor air inlet avoid liquid or debris falling into the inside of he motor.
Automatic internal cooling system. The external cooling ring design prevents cooling liquid overflow into the gear box.
Ergonomically designed handles for excellent control of the rotary movement.
Open handle. Ideal for light machines. The machine can be moved easily on the surface.
Design of overall aerial lifting holes and safety rope holes guarante double protection for the safety of the aerial personal and equipment.
The design of the entire body is designed for high rigidity to improve drilling quality.
Magnetic bottom wear design, which reduces the wear of the magnet bottom and extend service life. Magnetic base with maximum magnetic adhesion up to 10 000 N ensure the safety and reliability during drilling operations.

Technical Data:
  • Cutting depth: 55 mm (with 2-part pins, they can reach cutting depths of up to 110 mm)
  • Motor Powe Watts: 1100 Watt
  • Tool holder: Directly Weldon 19 mm
  • Coolant supply: Internal, automatically
  • Stroke: 120 mm bis 210 mm possible
  • Voltage: 230 Volts / 110 Volts
  • Magnetic adhesion: 1000 kg
  • Magnetic foot: between 80 x 168 mm (Fixed)
  • Weight: 10,50 kg

Included Accessories:

  • security belt
  • 3 hex keys
  • 2 rubber seals
  • coolant bottle with hose