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KARNASCH solid carbide end mills.

The Karnasch full range of high-speed-end mills is one of the most comprehensive ones in the world. Karnasch Professional Tools offers a widely spread range for all materials, in many designs, diameters and lengths, all of which are available ex stock, specifically for mould construction.

The Karnasch end mills comply with the narrowestproduction tolerances (e.g. diameter tolerances as of 0 / -0.010 mm and radiustolerances as of +/-0.003 mm) for a continually consistent quality, top results and process safety as of a diameter of 0.05 mm. Karnasch end mills are a reliable partner with highest machining demands in small- and large-batch production and are delivered in geometries and coatings aligned with the material to be machined.

Karnasch Professional Tools also offers the option to producespecial devices according to yourwishes. A team of experienced technicians will support you throughout the process.

Overview of the tools in this range:
Smoothing end mill
Roughing end mills / inner roughing, outer roughing
Fine-roughing end mills
Mill with interior cooling
Ball mills
Full-ball end mills
Corner ball end mills
Deburrs 60° / 90°
Die-sinking cutters
Torus cutters
Slotting cutters
Cermet cutters
Countersinks 90°
Diamond-coated mills
Ball-nose end mills
Miniature mills / micro mills
End mills
Twin cutters / triple cutters / four-flute cutters / five-flute cutters / six-flute cutters / eight-flute cutters/ ten-flute cutters / twelve-flute cutters
Profile cutters, concave
Quarter-circle deburr
Forward deburr and reverse deburr
High-Speed Schaftfräser
  • Solid carbide mill for mould construction
  • Solid carbide mill for graphite
  • Solid carbide mill for steel
  • Solid carbide mill for Inox (rust-free steel)
  • Solid carbide mill for hardened steel
  • Solid carbide mill for hard processing
  • Solid carbide mill for titanium
  • Solid carbide mill for aluminium
  • Solid carbide mill for copper
  • Solid carbide mill for NF-metals
  • Solid carbide mill for plastic
  • Solid carbide mill for Ampco
  • Solid carbide mill for cast iron / grey cast iron
  • Solid carbide mill for CFK/GFK
  • Solid carbide mill for carbon
  • Solid carbide milling