Whriling thread cutters from KARNASCH.

Karnasch solid carbide thread mills are arc shaped logarithmically grinded this results in a significant higher tool live. Due to the logarithmic grinding the rake angle and relief remain stable, which leads to increased process reliability.

Due to our special profile shape we ensure, that the thread is free from distortions and stay dimensionally true.

The major advantages are:
  • Suitable for cemented carbide up to 80 HRC
  • Special coatings for machining different materials
  • No burr formation
  • Special logarithmic grinding
  • Standart dimensions available from stock
Whriling thread cutters
Bearbeitungsfolge Einzahn-Gewindefräser
  1. Positioning
  2. Go to starting position,radial in-feed to nominal diameter-position
  3. Thread milling 360°
  4. Radial return to the bore centre
  5. Return to starting position