Why KARNASCH Spade Drills

Reduce your drilling cost by using KARNASCH spade drill

Spade drill is one of the main interchangeable insert drill from KARNASCH. lt is a high efficient drilling tool with superior performance, designing to substitute
those traditional hole drilling products with low efficiency and inconvenient usage. lt consists of two parts – holder and inserts.
Its advantages are:
  1. Only 14 holders can meet the demand for drilling holes from Ø 9.5 to Ø 114 mm.
  2. Inner cooling design of holder enable excellent chip removal and good cooling when drilling deep holes.
  3. High accuracy of the connections between the inserts and holders ensures high clamping accuracy, and easy to replace inserts.
  4. Inserts are made of powder high speed steel or carbide, combined with various coatings. This improves extremely the toollife and drilling speed in
    comparison to normal twist drills (see cutting date page 722-731).
  5. Replaceable structure, which is more convenient. No need of regrinding drill on the scene.
  6. New type XR edge reduce the cutting resistance greatly.
  7. Inserts have the function of chip-breaker, which improves the stability of holes drilling.
Spade drill is the perfect drilling tool match all kinds of modern CNC machines such as:
  • Numerically controlled planar drill
  • Numerically controlled lathe
  • Machining centers

Preferably carbide insert are applied.

Spade drill is the perfect drilling tool match all kinds of traditional / manual drilling machines such as:
  • Pillar drilling machines
  • Radial drilling machines
  • Vertical driller
  • Non numerically controlled lathe

Preferably powder steel insert are applied.

  1. Chip breaker
    • Chip breaking, better chip removal
    • Reduce drilling torque
  2. Coating
    • All inserts receives special coatings
  3. Chip dividing groove
    • Reduce cutting width
    • Better chip removal
    • Reduce drilling torque
  4. Countersink
    • Increase the strength of insert
    • Reduce the wear & tear of outer diameter
    • Improve the smoothness on the surface of workpiece
  5. Fix screw holes
    • Safe and reliable clamping
    • Ensure the stability during drilling
  6. Location groove
    • Ensure the accuracy of the radial direction
  1. Core drilling
    • Thinner core drilling, which reduce 20% axial resistance compared with normal drilling products
    • Better self-centering
  2. XR chisel edge regrinding
    • Improve the strenght of cutting edges
    • Increase the stability
  3. Two back flank surface
    • Reduce the friction with the workpiece
    • Better self-centering
    • Reduce the axial resistance