HSS-XE / BLUE-DUR & TIN-GOLD coated / step drills & tube and sheet drills

Karnasch STEP DRILLS are designed to drill perfectly round holes in sheet metals of an thickness up to 4mm. The transition from one step to the next perfectly deburrs the previously drilled hole. Step drills are therefore a drilling and deburring tool combination.

Karnasch TUBE AND SHEET DRILLS are a low price alternative to STREP DRILLS.
Tube and sheet drills are designed to drill slightly conical holes in sheet metal of an thickness up to 4mm.
The holes are deburred on both sides by the paring cut.

Also excellent for:

  • enlarging existing holes
  • drilling oblique holes
  • drilling holes penetrating each other

One of the most comprehensive stock range of step drills & tube and sheet drills.

  • Available in diameters ranging from 4-60 mm
  • In 2 and 3-cutting
  • Spiral fluted or straight fluted
  • CBN ground
  • BLUE-DUR or TiN-GOLD-coated

3-Flat shank for:

  • Excellent torque transmission
  • No slippage in the drill chuck
  • This results to superior cutting output

All step drills & sheets drills are available in the patented BLUE-DUR or TiN-GOLD-coating. Coatings significantly increase the service life. Strongly recommended for difficult materials such as stainless steels and if drilling without coolants.

All step drills & sheet drills comes lasered with diameters in the spiral.

All step drills & sheet drills are made of high-alloy steel HSS-XE for a hardness up to 68 HRC. This results in high wear resistance and service life.

Step drills & sheet drills are also available spiral-fluted for:

  • Smooth cutting behavior
  • No sticking in the material
  • Low cutting forces
  • Less burrs on the work piece
  • Longer service life

Of course, all step drills & sheet drills are CBN ground from solid material.