Karnasch hole saws offer best flexibility: The “Easy-Change" quick-change system of the "POWER-MAX" hole saws series for almost unlimited use on hand-drilling machines, pillar drilling machines, radial drilling machines, lathes and magnetic hole cutting machines. The hole saw body is suitable on all types of machines because of the exchangeable shank system.

The "POWER-MAX" hole saw range permits processing of almost every steel type, from construction steels to stainless steels. It is also great for drilling in non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass and ideal for drilling in plastics, CFK / GFK and sandwich-material. "POWER-MAX" Hole Saws are available in the diameter range of 14 – 150 mm, at cutting depths of 12 - 60mm.

With an optimized design specifically for hand drilling machines, Karnasch offers Carbide Tipped Hole Saws from the "EASY-CUT" series. The thin cutting width of only 1.8mm enables fast and smooth drilling at low cutting pressure, excellent guidance and control. Applications include drilling in steel, stainless steel, non ferrous-metals such as aluminum and copper, as well as plastic, GFK / CFK, cast iron and sandwich material. Available in Ø 14-150 mm.

The "EXTRA EASY-CUT" hole saw has special smooth-running properties for perfect use on cordless drilling machines even with limited battery power.

The "MINI-CUT" HSS+TIN coated hole saws and spot weld cutter already starting with Ø 6 mm for hand-guided machines and cordless drills. Every "MINI-CUT" is coated with our proven TIN-GOLD coating for a substantial increase of lifetime even while dry cutting (no / little cooling). The cutting width of only 2.3 mm generates little cutting pressure, avoids deformation of the sheets and thus is the ideal drill for electricians, sanitary and heating installers, sheet processing, maintenance installations, automotive aftermarket, conduit work and many others. The "MINI-CUT" hole saws produce extremely fast, clean and almost burr-free holes in the thinnest of sheets up to plates with a thickness of 13mm, for diameter 6-25mm.

An additional highlight are the diamond grit hole saws. Excellent for use in abrasive and very hard materials such as glass, fiber-glass and carbon-reinforced plastics, ceramics, stone, porcelain, brick and masonry. Heavy design with solid base plate for extra stability and best concentricity. Available in diameter 14-152mm.

Of course, the Bi-metal hole saws are part of the delivery range as well – now with an enlarged diameter range (14 - 305mm). The range comes also with a new "HEAVY-DUTY" holder model recommended from Ø 100 mm. Bi-metal hole saws are suitable for drilling in steel, thin metal sheet, sandwich materials, non ferrous-metals such as alu, copper, brass, wood and wooden materials, plastics and many others.