KARNASCH Professional Tools – The Company

The history

Founded by Dietrich Karnasch Heddesheim, Baden, as Dietrich Karnasch Sägen- and Schneidwerkzeuge GmbH in 1961, our company is looking back at a successful history of more than half a century. In this time, it has acquired an outstanding reputation in the production and sale of outstanding high-performance tools. Only 11 years later, in 1972, did we start export of our products into the European market. To this day, our customers around the world trust in our tools' quality.

In the scope of successful establishing in foreign trade, we started setting up our global sales structure in 1976, using the respective competent contacts on site. Today, Karnasch Professional Tools GmbH - now under a new name - is a globally successful company with globally operating sales partners.

To rely on presence throughout Germany early on, the Görsdorf (Brandenburg) branch was opened in 1992. This enabled us to enormously expand stock capacity as well as efficiency in sales. In 2005, Karnasch became a registered trade mark. Since 2010, the family-owned company has been managed in the second generation. This contributes to continuity of successful trade relationships, customer support, consulting and competent help with technical problems.

Today, Karnasch Professional Tools GmbH is a growing company with an increasing number of global trade partners, up-to-date high-performance products and a product range that is unprecedented in its width.